Founded Your Card

My name is Chris Annable and I am the founder of Your Card Magic. My team and I are all long time magic fans from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Thanks to the online magic industry we have been able to connect and learn with like minded people from all over the world. However, we soon realised how difficult it was to find magic products at an affordable price within our local areas in Melbourne. There are limited options within all of Australia. This forced us to import everything we needed from overseas, adding shipping and extra taxes to the cost of each item.

Our thoughts went out to those who wanted to make a start in magic here in Melbourne. What if they couldn’t afford the additional costs? What if importing wasn’t an option? In the USA you can buy a fantastic quality deck of playing cards for a few dollars in every local store. Down under, the price can be nearly ten times as much for that same deck. Not to mention the time it can takes for some items to arrive from other countries.

This website is here to help solve this issue for Magicians, Cardists, Players and Collectors in Melbourne and all of Australia.

We invite you all to come in and find “Your Card!”

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