Do you see Your Card?

There are secrets hidden in our “Your Card” logo. Before reading on can you work out the 3 magic reveals included in the design?

All “Your Card Magic” business cards and any merchandise with the logo printed on it is designed to include these amusing tricks that you can use in your own act!

Your Card Merchandise

Reveal 1

The first two reveals are based around the joke “I have ‘your card’ on my object“. The premise is as follows:

  • The magician places a folded card on the table as a prediction.
  • The magician has a spectator select a card and forces them to choose the “Ace of Hearts“.
  • The spectator opens the prediction card to reveal the “Your Card” logo.
  • The magician asks, “Do you see Your Card?”
  • The spectator must agree that the words “Your” and “Card” are there.
  • Then the magician can reveal that their card value and suit is in fact printed within the “A” of the word “Card” in the logo, as demonstrated in the following image.

Reveal 2

A similar plot to Reveal 1 except this time the “Ten of Spades” is used instead of the “Ace of Hearts“. The reveal location is inside the “Y” and “O” and is demonstrated in the following image.

Adjust the patter to suit your style.  

Reveal 3

The final reveal is a mentalism or proposition bet line. The magician says: Would you believe, I have a sketch of you on this card already! That is how the spectator is supposed to hear the statement. What is actually being said is as follows: “Would you believe, I have a sketch of  ‘U‘ (as in the letter U)All RED-dy (in red, reddish, all reddy)”

Then you would reveal the letter “U” in the word “Your”  in the logo as demonstrated in the following image:

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