52 Pick Up!

Hey Melbourne! Hey Victoria! Hey Australia! Did you know you can pick up your playing cards and other magic products from us directly? If you live nearby, you have the option to save on shipping costs and save on time by arranging to collect your items directly from our offices or affiliated store locations around Victoria. Please contact us to find out more!

Here at YCMHQ we are working hard to get our huge range of playing cards and magic supplies to our customers as fast as possible. Unfortunately we are sometimes bound by the laws of physics, cursed by supplier distance and limited by the schedules of our postal services. We really hate delays and do everything we can to avoid them but do appreciate your patience.

To fight our war against high shipping costs and long delivery times, we are arming ourselves with a huge stock of playing cards and magic supplies to be kept at arms reach – ready to send out immediately. These items will be highlighted in our store.

Our entire range includes thousands of products so we unfortunately won’t be able to house everything we offer, but we are on track to have the largest variety of playing cards and magic effects available in the state!

When you order any of our “local supply” products we will ship them to you by the next business day. Where possible, we will have your parcel on its way to you on the very same day! Express shipping can be arranged. Please contact us for more information.

For more information, view all of our shipping information.

Thanks for picking Your Card!

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