“Stretch Text” Reveal by Chris Annable

Hidden in “plane” site … These cards are designed as an alternate card reveal for magic tricks. They are specialty items and are currently not available for individual sale. If you would like to know more, please contact us.

Learn how a single Stretch Text card has over 4 different reveals hidden in its design.

Basic method:

The actual card face value can be revealed as anything as the spectators card is secretly printed on the back in “Stretch Text” When the custom back design is viewed along the long edge at a tight angle, a card suit and value appears. For example, when you view the red card design (pictured) and hold it close to horizontal, the words “Nine of Clubs” appear across the back.  

Another way to reveal the card text is to hold it the same way and take a photo. You then have the option to zoom in to the card in the picture to reveal its hidden secret!

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